Friday, July 31, 2009

The B word..Balochistan..Blunder..Boomerang..

The Balochistan issue has put the government rather the PM in a tight spot..
So, what is the issue?
Balochistan is a province in Pakistan rich in natural resources and very sparsely populated. The Balochs feel that they were tricked in signing the treaty of accession to Pakistan and they have been demanding autonomy and now complete independence from Pakistan.

Pakistan has accused India of giving Baloch insurgents support and in the joint statement the PM agreed to talk on the issue as he believed that India has nothing to hide. But this was a huge huge mistake as analysts who were with the govt. on the nuclear deal have called it a blunder. Implicitly, what this does it gives leverage to Pakistan that when India says to stop terrorists activities in Kashmir, it would hit back at us saying stop the same in Balochistan. The PM has grossly misread the public mood and his trust but verify approach cannot really work because we cannot trust Pakistan..that is for sure..their whole existence is based on anti India sentiment.. the people of Pakistan are like us but their political establishment and the Army thrive on India bashing.. I totally agree with Mr L.K. Advani on this and the opposition has garnered huge ammunition to put the PM in isolation.. whatever we say, Balochistan will remain a thorn in the years to come..

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