Monday, June 8, 2009

Of Career Slam,Streakers, My Friend Sancho and Delhi6...

So, finally Federer won the French Open making him only the sixth person in the history of the game to win a Career Slam.He is now tied with Pete Sampras for 14 Grand Slam titles.I hope he does win more. After Nadal lost to Soderling in fourth win, all hopes were raised that this is his chance to win and he could easily win it. He played a great match though he got a bit nervous at the end. He is serving for the Championship and almost gave a break point at 5-4 in the third set but anyway he won.So happy :)

But there was one disturbing moment during the match. There was this fan who had come and put some cap or flag over Federer and then he ran across to Soderling. And the security people were just not able to prevent him from reaching to the players. It is a very scary thing. Yeah, for the crowds it may be a fun thing and for the audience something amusing, but what if he had been a disgruntled Nadal fan? He could have done harm to both Federer and Soderling. Monica Seles, we must remember,had an on-court attack in which a German spectator stabbed her in the back with a 10 inch long knife and she was unable to be consistent in her career after that attack. The attacker was labelled mentally unstable but that act ruined her whole career. Streakers, pitch invasions,etc. should not be laughed off.

Meanwhile, I read My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma of the India Uncut fame who is rated among the top 50 most powerful people in India by Business Week. I loved the book because of its humour. It is a contemporary novel and all of us can easily relate to it. One could finish it in 4 hours. I had a smile on my face all along while reading and at some places it was simply too much fun (Vyjantimala!! those lizard conversations and his superb one liners Okay I didn't :D ). I liked it and would recommend it :)

I also watched Delhi6 after a very long time it has released. I hate watching movies at home. I feel that if I like a film 70% in a multiplex I would like it 50% at home. Movie watching is an experience in itself but I watched Delhi6 at home :( it was too boring in the second half. I loved the first half. Delhi has been shown beautifully but in the second half, the movie loses its plot. The film has its heart in the right place but the execution could have been better. It is not a superb watch and it was really irritating at times. The songs were put haphazardly.Favourite Dialogue- " Jalebi, hame mard bana do " OMG that was one hell of a scene.A nice time pass. My rating - **1/2.

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