Thursday, April 2, 2009

Justice delayed is justice denied...

The has been a controversy over appointment of Anjali Waghmare as the defence lawyer for Ajmal Kasab. She has been threatened by Shiv Sena to withdraw from the case. It takes guts for a person to take a case as hers. She has been alleged to be non patriotic and accused of being insensitive to the city and the people of Mumbai. This is entirely wrong. Her husband is also a police officer.She would have been under so much pressure to take the case and would have arrived at a decision after proper deliberation. All legal experts say it is an open and shut case and there is too strong evidence against Kasab that no court in the world can save him. But the law states that the accused has a right to defend himself. Kasab must be given a lawyer and those who threaten Waghmare should be told that it amounts to contempt of court. By not giving assistance, we are trying to delay his trial which would prolong the wait for justice and Kasab would go scott free. He can say that he was not given proper assistance and this would make India a banana republic. Anjali herself said that she is doing this in the interest of the country. We are not supporting Kasab and no sane person would ever justify his ghastly acts, we are just following the protocol. Anjali should be given full protection and the rule of the land must prevail

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