Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rang Rang Rangeela Re..

I watched Rangeela today. I had wanted to see this movie for ages and fortunately it was coming on one of the channels while I was surfing. Got lucky ;)

I am not a huge fan of Urmila Matondkar who is still remembered as the Rangeela girl but she is excellent in the film. It is the story of Milli who is a dancer in the troupe of Saroj Kumar and aspires to be a big actress some day. She has a friend Munna played superbly by Aamir Khan who is impulsive, short tempered and sells tickets in black. Milli gets a break in a film after a successful actor Rajkamal (Jackie Shroff ) notices her dancing. Munna secretly loves her and is not able to tell her his feelings while Milli is getting busy with her film.

Well, Urmila is absolutely tailor made for the role. She looks stunning in the film and exudes oomph. Just watch her in Tanha Tanha and Rangeela Re. She brings a warmth to the character. Aamir is also brilliant and he seems to flow with role of a tapori effortlessly. Dialogues are too funny and I think Munna Bhai copied from it like "Tera bad luck bhi kharab hai" or "Hata saavan ki ghata". I also liked character of Milli's brother Motilal (what a name!!) who keeps on saying "Mere paas aur koi kaam nahi hain" :D AR Rahman's music and Saroj Khan's choreography is way ahead of its times. We all love Rangeela Re, Tanha Tanha, Mangta hai kya and Kya karen ya na karen. Manish Malhotra was given a special Filmfare award for best costumes which was not even a category before this film. The film should have won many awrds but lost out all to Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge :)

Munna and Milli meet in the end but I would want to know what happened to their lives. I do not think their relationship would have lasted. Milli would have become a huge star and Munna who doesn't do any work would have felt disconnected with her. Given his stubborn character, he might not be able to take Milli's success. Anyway, Rangeela is a classic for me :)
I love these lines ;)
Yai re yai re jor lagake naache re
Yai re yai re milke dhoom machaaye re
Chal mere sang sang lele duniya ke rang
Hoja rangeela re rang rang rangeela re
Itne chehron mein apne chehre ki pehchaan
Oh ho pehchaan oh ho
Bade bade naamon mein apna bhi naamonishaan Oh ho
Pehchaan oh ho
Jeene mein phir to kya baat ho
Din naya aur nayi raat ho
Har ghadi bas khushi saath ho
Yai re yai re jor laga ke nache re..

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  1. Rangeela did wonders for many. Urmila was re-discovered. Jackie's career which was going down the drains lifted him, Aamir's another side was known, and ARR created a history. One of the best cinema to come out of the factory of RGV.


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