Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Legacy of 2008

The year 2008 will be remembered as one of the worst years that we have had to face. The legacy of 2008 will not be something that we wish to be proud of. Here is a look of 2008's the good, the bad and the ugly.
1. India gets a historic nuclear deal after so much brouhaha and that shameful Cash for votes scandal, finally ending years of nuclear apartheid.
2. Democracy wins. The historic elections in J&K, Sheila Dikshit's third term as CM of Delhi, BJP's first govt. in a south Indian state proved India's strong democratic credentials.
3. Barack Obama, definitely the face of the year and a man to watch out for.
4. Abhinav Bindra's gold, Vijender Kumar and Sushil Kumar's bronze, V.Anand winning world championship in Bonn, India's cricketing histrionics, Sachin Tendulkar, IPL, Saina Nehwal, MC Marykom made 2008 one of the finest years of India sports.Not to forget, the removal of KPS Gill as Hockey chairman.
5. The Sensex fell from 21000 to 8000, people losing crores.
6. Inflation reached record highs, oil touching 147$ a barrel in July, making life more difficult.
7. The decoupling theory finally busted, economy in a slowdown phase, world economy in recession, fear of job losses still remains, exporters losing out. Forecasts show 2009 to be even more worse.
8. The fall of capitalism, iconic institutions such as Lehmann Brothers, Bear Sterns, Meryll Lynch, AIG went bust. The word SUBPRIME became etched in our minds. Bailouts, housing bubble, Keynes, meltdown, depression, recession, unemployment....
9. The year of Terror- Bangalore, Surat, Ahemdabad, Jaipur, Malegaon, Delhi, Aiazawal, Assam and finally 26/11 Mumbai. India is clamouring for change. A start has been made by citizens. Hope something happens and the 'Non- State' actors are controlled. Pakistan has to act.
10. Communal politics and divisive agenda threatened the idea of India- the brutal assault against Christians in Kandhamal, that scumbag Raj Thackeray's attack against North Indians, politics over the Batla House encounter, Amarnath land transfer, Malegaon blasts and the use of the word 'Hindu' terror or 'Islamic' terror, Antulay's shocking remarks over Karkare's death shamed India. Terrorism has no religion.Period.
11. The terrible floods in Bihar exposed the preparedness in face of disasters.
12. Internationally, the Maoist's win in Nepal, end of military rule in Pakistan, Sheikh Hasina's victory in Bangladesh, end of Gayoom's regime in Maldives show some signs of improvement in India's hostile neighbourhood. Israel's brutal assault on Gaza continues unabated.
Hope 2009 brings happiness to India and the world.

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