Saturday, June 21, 2008

Change not for good!

Hindustan Times is the only paper we have been reading for a long time. I will not say that it is the best paper because I feel all newspapers are equally good (or equally bad). It is a matter of one's habit and choice .If one fine day some one tells you to start reading another paper will you stop reading it? Maybe! you will read for a day or two and would like to switch back to your good old paper because over time you would have developed some favourtie columns that you love and eagerly wait for them. My favoutrite articles in HT-

1. Counterpoint by Vir Sanghvi ( every Sunday)- just amazing how he writes on the plethora of topics and gives lucid and unprejudiced explanations on the happenings and the controversies that surround us.

2. Between Us by Pankaj Vohra ( every Monday)- superb analysis

3. Third Eye by Barkha Dutt (every Saturday)- writes in a more philosophical way!

4. Single in the City by Sushmita Bose( every Sunday) - funny :P

5. Red Herring by Indrajit Hazra ( every Sunday)- wit and irony at its best sometimes though not able to understand.

6. Beyond the Bytes by Rajdeep Sardesai

7. Spectator by Seema Goswami ( Brunch)

8. Under Honey's Hat- HT CITY, the gossip is well WTF who cares! but the way it is written is simply too humourous :P

The columns we can do without

1. Left hand Drive by Sitaram Yechury- he seems to write on the BJP, BJP and well BJP....

2. Candid Corner by Abhishek Singhvi- yawn!

3. Premiere (Movie Review) by Khaled Mahmood- even I could do a better movie review than him. Just writes his weird one liners and PJs. Where did Vinayak Chakravarty go? He was the best!

Now they have changed the whole format of the EDIT page and called it the COMMENT. When I heard that a new page COMMENT is going to come, I thought that articles by readers would be put but they changed the look of Edit page and it is such a disappointing one. The edit page has lost its seriousness. There used to be three articles by the editor and three guest articles everyday. The third editorial used to be a witty and satirical one often evoking a smile. It doesn't exist any longer! Why have they done this? Apparently they wanted more people to start reading edit page. But those who want to read it would so it anyway! It appears that as if we are reading some trashy magazine. They changed the look of HT City which I think is a good one. For the past few days I am not getting enjoyment which one gets and something looks missing. Hope the old HT comes back!

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